B&C Supplier Arrangement

B&C Specialty Products, Inc.

Supplier Arrangement SA001

As a Production Approval Holder (PAH) under the oversight of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), B&C Specialty Products is obligated to satisfy all FAA requirements regarding a functioning Quality System.  As part of that Quality System, B&C must insure that potential suppliers are evaluated in a controlled selection process, and that all “Approved Suppliers” emerging from this process meet certain minimal expectations, as defined by FAA regulations.  It is therefore important that “Approved Suppliers” within the B&C procurement chain understand the expectations in place upon their acceptance of a B&C Purchase Order.

Your company’s status as an “Approved Supplier” to B&C Specialty Products depends, in part, upon the following –


1.0 Supplier Cooperation

1.1          Each “Approved Supplier” will cooperate fully with B&C Specialty Products in its Quality System program, and will enact all requested corrective actions in the event of a reported quality defect or escape.

1.2          Each “Approved Supplier” will submit to periodic evaluation of their internal quality system by B&C Specialty Products, as required, through such means a supplier questionnaire, quality system audit, on-site visit, or some combination of these methods.

1.3          Each “Approved Supplier” will guarantee access to their facility, and the cooperation of all involved facilities, for inspection and evaluation, if requested by B&C Specialty Products and/or representatives of the FAA.


2.0 Supplier Personnel

2.1          Each “Approved Supplier” will assign production personnel with adequate training and experience to produce parts that conform to a given B&C Specialty Products design data package (as applicable).


3.0 Supplier Part Identification

3.1          Each “Approved Supplier” will clearly identify any components supplied to B&C Specialty Products by means of marking/labeling bags or containers, and furnish necessary shipping documents to insure traceability of supplied components.


4.0 Supplier Quality System

4.1          Each “Approved Supplier” will inspect all parts produced according to B&C Specialty Products design data, prior to shipping, and make available to B&C Specialty Products all records documenting component conformity for later review and/or audit (as applicable).

4.2          Each “Approved Supplier” will insure that testing and measurement equipment used to certify conformity of parts produced according to B&C Specialty Products design data is calibrated and certified by a facility in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005, General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994, Calibration Laboratories and Measuring and Test Equipment—General Requirements, or other similar standard acceptable to the FAA.

4.3          Each “Approved Supplier” will issue a Certificate of Conformity document to accompany each order/lot/batch of parts produced according to B&C Specialty Products design data; at minimum, this document will reference the B&C Specialty Products purchase order number, applicable B&C part number(s) and revision level, if specified, the supplier invoice, and any supplier internal part number(s).

4.4          Each “Approved Supplier” will take reasonable steps to create, preserve, and protect key records (both physical and electronic) relevant to procured materials, part production, and inspection on all items manufactured according to supplied B&C Specialty Products design data (as applicable).

4.5          Each “Approved Supplier” will identify and document non-conformities to supplied B&C Specialty Products design data (as applicable), and will insure the secure disposition of non-conforming items by delivering them to B&C Specialty Products, marked and segregated for evaluation, rework and/or directed disposal.


5.0 Supplier Environmental/Inventory Controls

5.1          Each “Approved Supplier” will insure that components not immediately delivered to B&C Specialty Products are stored in a climate-controlled facility, and that all supplied components will be segregated or packaged according to their status as “conforming” or “non-conforming” materials, if manufactured according to supplied B&C Specialty Products design data.


6.0 Supplier Sub-Contracting

6.1          Each “Approved Supplier” will agree to an absolute prohibition against supplier sub-contracting of work to a third party, whenever manufacturing parts according to supplied B&C Specialty Products design data, unless previously-approved by an authorized representative of B&C Specialty Products.


7.0 Supplier Communication

7.1          Each “Approved Supplier” will notify B&C Specialty Products in a timely manner (viz. within 5 business days) following the discovery of an “escape” from their quality system when producing parts according to supplied B&C design data (as applicable); this requirement will apply to any lot/batch/purchase order, present or past, affected by the quality escape.

7.2          Each “Approved Supplier” will report defects discovered after the release of parts to B&C Specialty Products, within 5 business days, whenever the defect or failure involves parts produced according to a supplied B&C Specialty Products design data package (as applicable).

7.3          Each “Approved Supplier” will notify B&C Specialty Products, in writing, within 10 business days, of any change in production or personnel capability that may affect its status as an “Approved Supplier,” or the overall quality of supplied components (as applicable).