Shielded Tefzel Wire, Single- and Multi-Strand

Part #: S906
Price: $0.85$5.50

Tefzel® insulated wire, with stranded tinned cooper conductor(s) per MIL-@-22759/18, wrapped in a braided tinned copper shield and an extruded #TFE jacket. Voltage rated to 600V. Temperature rated -55 to 150 degrees Celsius. This Tefzel® insulated wire (M27500) wire is made up of the following layers starting with the outer most layer:

  • Tefzel Coating
  • Shielded Braiding
  • Tefzel Coating on each conductor

Price listed is per foot.

For an additional $3.00 we can put your wire on a 6″ or 8″ spool on orders of 100′ or more per wire size. If you would like your wire spooled please select the item (SPOOL), for example: If you purchase 100′ of 22 AWG and 200′ of 16 AWG, and you want both wires spooled then you would order 2 spools.


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