BC433 Alternator, 30 Amps (Homebuilt, Less Gear)

Part #: BC433-H
Price: $965.00

After many customer requests for a gear-drive alternator for Continental engines with higher output, B&C Specialty Products is pleased to present the BC433-H, 30 Amp Gear-Drive Alternator for the Continental Engines (C-75 through O-300). Weighing only 4.4 lbs., and measuring 4 in diameter and 3.7 in installed length, the BC433-H alternator features a billet aluminum mounting flange, built-in cooling fins, and an innovative three-phase design that creates 30 amps at cruise RPM. Ships with a matching 14v three-phase regulator, regulator connector kit, and 505-1 PM/OV Kit.

The BC433-H is sold less the Continental drive gear assembly (which is usually customer supplied), and requires the latest revision of the Hub (P/N 653983) and Retainer (P/N 653982).

B&C sells NEW gear assembly parts (Genuine Continental Motors) – please call for current pricing. Gear assembly parts can also be located at most air salvage dealers such as Preferred Airparts LLC, Air Salvage of Dallas, Texas Air Salvage, Dodson International Parts, and others.

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY – Please contact us about an STC’d version.

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