BC460-H Alternator, 60 Amps (Homebuilt)

Part #: BC460-H


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Introducing the Next Generation 60 amp Alternator you've been waiting for! Our new BC460-H saves both weight AND money without sacrificing performance or reliability. Rather than following the "Bigger is Better" line of thinking, the BC460-H has been designed for superior efficiency (maximum output-per-pound). With modern avionics and LED lighting, aircraft electrical systems are becoming more frugal than ever. What is needed is not a bigger alternator; but rather, a better alternator -- one with genuine quality, durability, and efficiency.

The BC460-H is built with that in mind, featuring heavy-duty sealed ball bearings, two internal cooling fans, and a precision dynamically-balanced rotor (rare in the industry, but standard on every B&C!). More than that, it has three attachment points for stable mounting, and we uniquely modify the BC460-H for use with a more sophisticated, aircraft-style, external voltage regulator with over-voltage protection (such as our LR3C-14 or LS-1A), instead of leaving in place an internal regulator better suited for automobiles.

The BC460-H may be used in either a 14 volt or 28 volt electrical system, and includes your choice of Boss (Wide Deck) or Case (Narrow Deck) mounting brackets, attachment hardware, belt tension arm, high-performance belt, and pre-wired field connector assembly. Weight: 7.1 lbs.

The Boss Mount BC460-H mounts on the machined pad on the bottom of the engine opposite the starter and uses a U-shaped bracket and two 5/16" national coarse bolts.

The Case Mount BC460-H mounts to the case halves by using the front two 1/4" case half bolts.

NOTE: Use of non-B&C regulators/controllers may damage the alternator.

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY

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