SD8 Alternator, 8 Amps (Homebuilt)

Part #: SD8
Price: $750.00$794.00

The spline-driven SD8 alternator offers the benefits of an exceptionally lightweight alternator, and a design with proven durability in the rugged world of aerobatic aircraft. Weighing just 2.9 lbs., with a rated output of 8.4 amps @ 3500 alternator RPM, the SD8 may be mounted on either the vacuum pump accessory pad, the hydraulic pump pad (using a special Lycoming adapter), or accessory drive pad. It features a CNC billet aluminum mounting flange, sealed ball-bearings, and a special shear section in the drive coupling. Includes a matching 14V regulator with provision for over-voltage protection.

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY

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