ANL Current Limiters, 35A through 130A

Part #: C905 35a-130a
Price: $15.00



Product Details


Think of these devices as a muscular relative of older, slow-acting fuses. They do require a mounting base (C903-1)or (C903-2)and offer excellent protection against hard electrical faults. Features a silver-plated copper element, visible though a special mica window.

Note: these devices cannot be "reset" - replace "blown" units after appropriate diagnostic post mortem.



                                            Why Current Limiters?


Current limiters are effective, economical alternatives to large-amperage circuit breakers used to protect alternator B-lead wiring. More robust than similarly-sized circuit breakers, and less susceptible to “nuisance” tripping, current limiters are capable of withstanding loads approximately 80% BEYOND their rated capacity for an indefinite period of time. They are typically sized 1:1 against the alternators rated output (i.e. a 40 Amp alternator would require a 40 Amp current limiter). Best of all, the cost of a current limiter and its required mounting base is approximately HALF that of a comparably-sized circuit breaker.


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