AVC1 Advanced Voltage Controller, 14V, Homebuilt

Part #: AVC1
Price: $250.00$310.00

AVC1 Advanced Voltage Controller

Product Details


The AVC1 Advanced Voltage Controller brings permanent magnet alternators into the digital age.  Featuring a MOSFET-based regulator design with microprocessor-controlled Over-Voltage protection and Charging System Fault/Low-Voltage warning output, the AVC1 combines three capabilities in a single compact enclosure, making possible a clean, space-efficient installation.

First, AVC1 voltage regulation is solid-state, and purpose-designed for aviation, with field-adjustable charging voltage to ensure compatibility with a variety of battery types (i.e. “flooded,” SLA/VRSLA, or LiFePO).  Second, Over-Voltage protection is provided by our all-new Dynamic OV Protection circuitry — a B&C exclusive — that intelligently safeguards your aircraft electrical system. And third, warning indication is provided by our Charging System Fault and user-selectable Low-Voltage warning output — another B&C exclusive — compatible with LED or incandescent warning lights or with EFIS displays.

Intended for single-phase permanent magnet alternators rated up to 20A, the AVC1 is an superb choice for Experimental and LSA aircraft. Three installation kits are available, ranging from a basic kit with high-quality wire terminals (suitable for retrofit from the Ducati regulator), to a color-coded wire harness kit ideal for first-time installations.


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