BC410-H Alternator, 20-40 Amps (Homebuilt)

Part #: BC410-H
Price: $745.00$1,102.00

The BC410-H is a high-performance spline-driven alternator that mounts on a standard vacuum pump accessory pad (AND20000). It may be used either as a primary or a stand-by alternator for a rated output of 20 – 40 amps @ cruise RPM.  Constructed of all NEW materials (with absolutely NO remanufactured content), the BC410-H is designed for durable service, with heavy-duty sealed ball-bearings, two cooling fans, a dynamically balanced rotor, and a special shear section designed into the drive coupling. Measuring 4.6″ wide and 6″ deep, and weighing only 5.75 lbs., the BC410-H will clear the tachometer cable and oil filter on stock Lycoming engines.

The BC410-H is available for both 14 volt and 28 volt applications, and is externally-regulated. It should be appropriately matched with our LR3D, LS1B, or SB1B Controllers (depending on your application and electrical system configuration).

NOTE: Use of non-B&C regulators/controllers may damage the alternator.

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY

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