BC700-1 Oil Filter Adapter (STC/PMA)

Part #: BC700-1
Price: $550.00$717.00

The BC700 Oil Filter Adapter for Lycoming engines makes it possible to enjoy the benefits and convenience of a spin-on oil filter, without complicated hoses and leak-prone fittings. This unit will permit the replacement of the OEM oil screen, the horizontal mount AC-brand oil-filter adapter, or other remote oil filtration systems.  Machined from a solid billet of aluminum for strength and reliability, B&C Oil Filter Adapters have been used extensively in the rigorous world of aerobatic aircraft for many years. Its uniquely-angled geometry clears the tach cable and oil cooler return line, while also negotiating the limited space between the engine and firewall found on many airframes.  And unlike a firewall-mounted remote oil filtration system, there are no hoses to purchase (or replace) nor is there a need to reinforce the firewall to support the oil filter mounting bracket.

Weighs only 2.25 lbs. (with a CH48108 filter).  Best of all, it is now available in both STC/PMA (O-235 through IO-720 series) and Homebuilt versions. Both feature the same quality workmanship that go into every B&C product. The BC700 Oil Filter Adapter comes ready to install, with new mounting hardware, gasket, and a Champion 48108 filter.

Check out the OFA Fit Guide to see information on your specific engine and airframe.  Note: not compatible with 76-series engines, or on accessory cases with “dual magneto” mounts (two magnetos in one case with a single drive).

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