BC704-H Inverted Oil Pickup (4-Cylinder Lycoming) (B-Stock S/N: 2AU30E1M83)

Part #: BC704-H (VAC-2/4)-1
Price: $265.50

*B-Stock : light scuffs or scratches, please call for more details*

The VAC-2 provides a direct replacement for the Lycoming vacuum pump pad adapter. Precision CNC machined from solid billet aluminum, its unique design offers both a standard vacuum pump pad adapter AND provision for inverted oil pickup. The vacuum pump pad is often used for one of our spline-driven alternators, such as the SD8 or SD20.

Aircraft with oil systems using the standard “T” fitting on the firewall will typically experience a 3 to 5 second drop into the yellow oil pressure range after rolling inverted. However with the VAC-2 installed, the oil pressure will have a momentary blip or wiggle on the oil pressure gauge as the ball valve switches ends. As a result, the engine receives better lubrication and prop surges are lessened.

The VAC-2 comes with oil seal installed, gaskets, and an MS20822-10D 90-degree fitting. Just slip the existing vacuum pump gear and thrust washer in the VAC-2, and it is ready for installation on the engine. The standard Lycoming vacuum pump gear and washer will fit into the VAC-2 (gear and washer not included).

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Product Details


BC704-H (VAC-2/4)

*B-Stock : light scuffs or scratches, please call for more details*

Serial Number: 2AU30E1M83

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