Extension for BC410-1 for RV10 (Homebuilt)

Part #: FK710-.75
Price: $360.00


Product Details


The FK710-.75 Kit is specifically intended for use on Lycoming O/IO-540 engines when the B&C Oil Filter Adapter (OFA) is used in conjunction with a vacuum pump drive mounted alternator, such as the BC410-H.  The dynafocal mount of the O/IO-540 requires the OFA to be spaced aft 1.4” so the oil filter will clear the top engine mount tube.  Moving the OFA aft also requires the BC410-H (SD-20) alternator to be moved aft 0.75”.  This kit includes the necessary spacer, extra-long genuine Lycoming mounting studs, shear-coupling and gasket to make the required move.

Note: these dimensions are specific to RV-10 installations. Other O/IO-540 mounts could require slightly different spacers.

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