Factory A/C Casting Modification for Bonanza Standby Installation (STC-PMA)

Part #: 410-322
Price: $255.00

Bonanza aircraft equipped with factory air conditioning will require a compressor mounting bracket with a relief to provide adequate clearance for the Standby Alternator.  Aircraft produced after model-year 2000, or aircraft which have recently had this part replaced, may already have a modified bracket.

In the event that a modification is needed, the bracket must be removed, stripped of all hardware (and pulley) and sent to B&C.  We do not have a “core exchange” program for these brackets — the bracket that is sent to us will be the same bracket that is modified per our STC and returned to you.  All modifications will be completed in our facility, and every effort will be made to complete this work in a timely fashion, usually 48 hours.

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