Fuse Holder 6-20 Slot

Part #: FH
Price: $21.00$41.00

These fuse blocks offer a low-cost, space-saving solution to power distribution circuit protection, without the expense, fabrication-time, and higher parts-count of a panel comprised of miniature circuit breakers attached to a rigid bus bar.  Designed for use with ATC-style fuses, these fuse blocks may be installed below the instrument panel (consuming no panel space), with the main power connection made by a #10 ring terminal, and branch-circuits using .25″ Fast-On terminals.  Each fuse holder ships with #10-32 hardware (you supply the Fast-On terminals and bulkhead attachment hardware).  Available in 6-, 8-, 10-. 12-, 16-, and 20-slot models to suit your particular installation.

Note:  while the manufacturer of these devices rates each fuse slot up to 30A, and the main power input up to 100A, we would recommend a more conservative power distribution of no more than 15A continuous per slot, AND no more than 60A TOTAL continuous per fuse block.


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