LX60 (XD100-1), Standard, 60 Amps, Alternator Only (Homebuilt)

Part #: LX60-1 (XD100-1)
Price: $615.00

An unshakable commitment to excellence and an unchanging focus on providing genuine value — those are the roots of our new LX60 Alternator.  Built on the reliability of our acclaimed L-60 and the superior efficiency of our BC460-H, the LX60 combines robust 60A output and unmatched durability in a compact 7.1 lb. frame. With the features that you would expect from a B&C – heavy-duty sealed ball bearings, two internal cooling fans, and a precision dynamically-balanced rotor – the LX60 is produced to exacting tolerances, with three attachment points for stable mounting, and configured for external aircraft-style alternator control with over-voltage protection and low-voltage warning.  Fully compatible with our LR3D-14 or LS1B Controllers – for 14V systems, use the LR3D-14 (or equal); for 28V systems, use the LS1B (only).  Each replacement LX60 includes  a pre-wired field connector assembly.



Use of non-B&C regulators/controllers may damage the alternator.

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY.

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