RG400 Coaxial Cable

Part #: RG400
Price: $4.50

The RG-400 is sold by the foot. To purchase 50 feet or more use the product number of RG400/50. This is the product of choice for antenna feedlines in modern aircraft. This is equal in performance to often recommended RG-142. RG-142 has a solid center conductor while the the center conductor of RG-400 is stranded with an insulation layer of teflon. The outer conductor is TWO layers of silver plated copper braid. This coax directly replaces the legacy RG-58 product. PVC and polyethelyene used on RG-58 are WWII era insulations and no longer permitted on new certified aircraft. Qualified to MIL-C-17/128-RG400.

For quantities over 250 feet please call for availability.


*NOTE – Cable is sold without connectors as RAW material. Connectors are sold separately.

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