Sealed (Recombinant Gas) Battery 12V, 25AH

Part #: BC100-1

BC100-1 – This is a special order item.  Please call for pricing and availability.

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The B&C Recombinant Gas (VRLA) batteries have a longer service life that will easily last 2-3 years in most aircraft as long as it is kept correctly charged. The cranking power of this battery technology is double to triple that of conventional batteries, even at extreme cold temperatures. The B&C batteries have greater mounting flexibility and can be installed in any orientation and will not affect any of its performance characteristics. Unlike conventional SLI (Gel) batteries, the B&C batteries will never have a catastrophic failure - if fully charged and the battery cranks the engine slowly, your battery would need to be replaced at the first opportunity.

Storage When not in use these batteries should be stored in a cool dry place.Periodic charging is required every 60 to 90 days to prevent the battery from discharging due to normal internal leakage current.During extended storage at a constant charge state the battery plates will sulfate, increasing the battery's internal resistance until the battery is unserviceable.  A maximum shelf life of 1-1/2 years should be expected.

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