Standby Alternator Controller Installation Kit 28v (Homebuilt)

Part #: SBK-28
Price: $298.00


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Homebuilt aircraft with the BC410-H or BC425-H alternators and SB1B-28 regulators can have the unique functionality of our Standby Alternator system for certified aircraft by using our SBK-28 Installation Kit.

If the primary alternator fails in flight, the SB1B-28 controller will sense the drop in system voltage and automatically activate the standby alternator. If the current requirement is over 20 amps when the standby alternator is activated, the annunciator will flash. Reducing the current usage to 20 amps or less will cause the annunciator to cease flashing and illuminate in a steady state. The pilot may choose equipment needed for the given flight conditions by simply keeping the total load below the flashing point of the annunciator. This will reserve battery energy for transient loads, (gear, flaps, landing lights, etc) during approach.

For the BC410-H & BC425-H, loads must below 20 amps (24v) in order to keep from damaging the standby alternator.

Contains a current sensor, appropriate sized current limiter and base, placards, panel-mount indicator light (not shown), and mounting hardware.

Intended for use with the BC410-H or BC425-H ONLY.  For Experimental Use ONLY

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