The AeroElectric Connection, 12th Edition (Bound Book)

Part #: AEC-12
Price: $32.00

The essential reference for home-builders.  More than once we’ve had someone tell us, “If only I had read this book before I started trying to wire my airplane!” Written by Bob Nuckolls, The AeroElectric Connection offers a wealth of information on the theory and practice of aircraft electrical systems.  Topics addressed include:

  • ¨DC Fundamentals
  • ¨Engine-Driven Power Sources
  • ¨Voltage Regulators
  • ¨Grounding
  • ¨Over-Voltage Protection
  • ¨Wire Selection and Installation
  • ¨Wire Termination and Connectors
  • ¨Circuit Protection
  • ¨Switches, Relays and Contactors
  • ¨Power Distribution Diagrams

Accessible to novice and experienced builders alike.  If you want to wire your aircraft — and want to do it safely — this is THE book you need.



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