Toggle Switch – Double Pole

Part #: S700-2
Price: $9.00$24.00

Our toggle switches feature full-sized, brass (nickel plate) bat-handle actuators, and brass (nickel plate) bushings. Available in either single-pole or double-pole configurations, both mount in .4688” holes, with electrical connections using .25” Fast-On terminals. Rated at 15A VAC maximum. Single pole switch bodies (behind the panel) measure 1.134”H x .634”W x 1.018”D (including tabs); double-pole switch bodies measure 1.308”H x .750”W x .887”D (including tabs)(except S700-2-11, which measures 1.308”H x 1.090”W x .887”D).

Note: every S700-series toggle switch sold by B&C comes furnished with two hex nuts, internal-tooth lockwasher, and a keyway (tabbed) anti-rotation washer.

Special switch face nuts and replacement hardware are also available.

*The ( ) indicates a spring-loaded, momentary action in the position(s) noted.


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