Toggle Switch – Single Pole (MS35058-22)

Part #: MS35058-22
Price: $26.00

This Mil-spec, heavy duty toggle switch is well-suited for applications involving loads of up to 20A.

ON-OFF configuration, mounts in a .465 hole, with electrical connections via screw terminals. Robust mechanical construction, featuring a silicon rubber seal between the bat-handle and bushing, and silver-plated copper contacts. Switch body (behind the panel) measures 1.130H x .624W x 1.040D (including connectors). Comes with two hex nuts, internal-tooth lockwasher, keyway (tabbed) anti-rotation washer, and 6-32 terminal hardware. Conforms to MIL-S-83731. USA-made.


Note: please be advised that the bat-handle for this switch has a lusterless finish (per the military specification) rather than the bright nickel finish found on our S700-series switches.


Special switch face nuts and replacement hardware are also available.

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