Uninsulated Ring Terminals, 2-8 AWG

Part #: S812
Price: $1.10$2.20

AMP brand uninsulated ring terminal.  Constructed of fine-grade high-conductivity copper per ASTM B-152 and tin-plated per MIL-T-10727, with a brazed seam for uniform metal strength.

Sold Individually and supplied with appropriate double-wall heatshrink to properly finish the crimp connection.


Which Size Connector Do I Need?

Here is a short list of the type(s) and size(s) of connectors used on many of the devices found on our website:

B&C Controller/Voltage Regulators LR3C, LS-1A, SB1B #6
B&C Starters Lycoming & Continental .31
B&C Alternators, B-Lead L-40, BC460-H, BC462-H, BC410-H .25
Circuit Breakers CB1 – CB30 #6
Circuit Breakers CB40 & CB50 #8
Contactors S701-1, S701-2, S702-1, S811-1 .31, #10
Current Limiter Base C903-1 .31
Fuse Holders FH-6 thru FH-20 .25 #10
Grounding Blocks GB24, GB48, GB 24/24, GB 24/48 .25 .31
Switches S700 series .25
Shunts S870 series .25

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