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B&C Specialty Products is built on a foundation of innovation, dedication, and determination. This has guided our mission for over 35 years. We are committed to developing innovative and reliable products and offering customers unrivaled support. Who we are today is driven by the bedrock of our values.


We think of others before ourselves and treat others how we want to be treated.


The truth builds trust; therefore, we trust our team, customers, and partners.


We do our best every day.


We confront and slay our dragons.


We thrive when we grow with our customers. We grow together & succeeds together.


We deliver value to our customers, team, and partners through the elimination of the 8 wastes.


We are focused on continuous improvement because we can always be better.

A history rooted in providing value

Our aim at B&C remains the same as it always has been: to develop innovative and reliable products and offer our customers value through unmatched support.

Our mission began with the development of our first product, a lightweight dynamo for Continental-powered VariEze’s.  Today, that product is known as the 200G.

It began with the development of the 200G in 1986, and was soon followed by our lightweight starter for Lycoming engines – the first in general aviation.

B&C went on to introduce a line of alternators, Linear Voltage Regulators, and a lightweight starter for Continental engines.

By the 1990’s, we had pioneered Standby Alternator systems and 90-Degree Oil Filter Adapters for certified aircraft. And never forgetting our roots, B&C also introduced a line of electrical system supplies specifically selected for quality-minded builders of experimental aircraft.

Inspired to innovate

Bill Bainbridge, B&C’s founder, was convinced that ‘good enough’ was rarely good, and often not enough.  An electrician by trade, and an aviator by avocation, Bill was well-acquainted with the limitations faced by the early homebuilt aircraft community.  After many years working nights and weekends, Bill made his dream become reality with his first product — the 200G Alternator.  Bill continued to grow the company, and in doing so, B&C developed solutions for an array of customers and aircraft – from the Rutan Voyager and SpaceShip One, to aerobatic performers, to the Beechcraft Bonanza. Today, Bill’s dream continues to thrive, with Nathan, his oldest son, running the company.  Nathan sees even more opportunity for growth, and looks forward to building on his father’s legacy.

We are saddened to announce Bill passed away peacefully at home on January 11, 2021. His obituary may be found here. Funeral details may be found here.

Our Team
B&C's team is dedicated to providing an excellent experience for every customer. We are here to help.

Nathan Bainbridge


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Founder (deceased)

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Change Agent, Emeritus

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