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B&C Marks One Year on Its Lean Journey


B&C Marks One Year on Its Lean Journey

In January 2018 B&C marked its first year on its lean journey. It all started when my brother William began reading books about the Toyota Production System and the amazing benefits that lean manufacturing can bring to a company. While the results seemed too good to be true, we worried that the system which worked for Toyota and other large companies could not work for a small company like us.

Then we stumbled upon Paul Akers, founder of FastCap and author of 2 Second Lean (www.paulakers.net). He successfully grew his small manufacturing company to be very efficient and highly profitable using lean methods. He clearly shares how he did this through his book. Paul’s story impressed us so much that we assembled our entire team and listened to the audio book together.

This was a huge step for a small company which depends on answering customer calls. At first the ideas were very new and strange, but Paul’s clear examples and numerous YouTube videos clearly communicated to every member of our team from top to bottom about the amazing potential of implementing lean.

Soon, a few people embraced the ideas and started applying them. Then others caught on and soon enough, we had a team on fire to implement lean everywhere we could think to try. And hence, we were well on our way to beginning our lean journey. Check out our YouTube channel to see many of the lean improvements we’ve made here.