BC425-1 Standby Alternator (STC-PMA) ONLY – Replacement

Part #: BC425-1-RPL
Price: $2,095.00

Every once in a while, customers will contact us who already have an existing BC425 Alternator system installed, but want to replace the alternator only (such as during an engine overhaul, or during a scheduled maintenance cycle). If that describes your situation, then the “Alternator-only” option for the BC425-1 may be worth considering.

This is a new BC425-1 (STC/PMA), sold on an Outright basis (no core). An appropriate MS9134-01 mounting gasket is also supplied.

NOTE: if your Civil Aviation Authority requires an 8130-3 Export Airworthiness Certification, please contact us before ordering.



Cessna 210

Cessna 182 & 206 (per STC SA00673DE)


**If you want an Overhauled BC425-1 Alternator, supplied on an Exchange basis, we may have a unit available to meet your needs. Please call us or click here for more information about an Overhaul/Exchange BC425-1.**

Product Details


BC425-1 ONLY

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