Treasure your vintage aircraft

Starters, Alternators, and Oil Filter Adapters for Vintage Aircraft

Vintage Aircraft

Keep your Vintage Aircraft well maintained by upgrading original equipment to B&C. Our products will always meet your longevity and performance expectations.

STC/PMA & Experimental Products

A line of products for a variety of aircraft and engines from Vintage Pipers to M14P radials.

Featured products for vintage aircraft

Certified Alternator for vintage pipers

BC400 Alternator Conversion

Certified Starter for Lycoming engines

BC315 Starter for Lycoming engines

Certified Starter for small-block Continental engines

BC320 Starter for Continental engines

Certified Oil Filter Adapter for Lycoming engines

BC700 Oil Filter Adapter for Lycoming Engines

Experimental Alternator for small-block continental engines

BC433 Continental Alternator

Found a product, but it’s not approved for your aircraft?

We’re happy to share previously-approved 337’s