LS1B Alternator Controller/Regulator, 28v (Homebuilt)

Part #: LS1B
Price: $265.00

The LS1B Controller offers the same features as the LR3D – field-adjustable linear voltage regulation, integral over-voltage protection, and low-voltage monitoring and warning.  It has been specially designed, however, to permit the use of B&C wound-field alternators (L-40, LX60, BC410-H, BC412-H) in a 28v electrical system.

Like the LR3D, the LS1B weighs approximately 9 ounces, is preferably mounted on the cockpit side of the firewall, and is available with an optional battery temperature sensor for extremely cold climates.

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY

Note:  NOT for use with the B&C Permanent Magnet type alternators (SD-8, SK-10, 200G, BC433-H). Low-voltage monitoring and warning system designed for use with an incandescent lamp only (supplied).

Installation Advisory:

Select a location for mounting that will protect unit from heat, vibration, and water. The pilot side of the firewall, or inside the cabin near the instrument panel, is recommended.

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