BC315 Lycoming Starter (STC/PMA)

Part #: BC315
Price: $925.00$1,025.00
The Original Lightweight Starter

Imitated but never equaled. The B&C Starter for Lycoming engines is the original lightweight alternative. Introduced over 30 years ago, this same design has provided dependable service for thousands of satisfied customers — and it remains the benchmark of reliability and genuine value.

When the B&C Starter was introduced, the typical OEM starter for 4- and 6-cylinder engines weighed 17.2 lbs. (and the OEM unit for 8-cylinder engines tipped the scales at 34.5 lbs!). In contrast, the B&C Starter weighed only 10.2 lbs. and eliminated the troublesome Bendix drive — all while providing greater torque than either of the OEM units.

Of course, other lightweight starters have joined the market since then, and we’ll be the first to acknowledge there are cheaper starters to be had. But that cuts both ways. Proven reliability offers a better value in the long term — and that is our specialty.  The B&C Starter features sealed Heavy-Duty Ball Bearings (no bushings or needle bearings), All Metal Gears (no plastic gears of any kind), Electro-Mechanical Pinion Actuation (no Bendix drive), and an Efficient Series-Wound Motor (no permanent magnet motor).

The B&C Starter is available in a number of configurations to fit varied applications. STC/PMA approved on Lycoming O-235 through IO-720 engines, with models available for homebuilt aircraft, as well. All feature the same uncompromised value and unmatched reliability upon which B&C has built its reputation. Ask anyone who has one and they’ll tell you: nothing else measures up to a B&C.

The B&C Starter for Lycoming engines is available in 8 configurations for certified aircraft to suit a variety of applications (see table below). Configuration options include12 or 24 volts; 122 or 149 ring gear teeth; standard- or counter-rotating. All feature the same No Compromises construction that has made the B&C Starter the benchmark of long-term reliability and genuine value.

NOTE:  You may need to modify the support bracket (if used) that links the starter and alternator. Some installations may encounter other issues, please call us for technical assistance.

NOTE:  For Robinson R22 or R44 helicopters, please be advised that the white solenoid jumper on the BC315 is not used. Consult the applicable wiring diagram in the Robinson Maintenance Manual for further information.

When ordering, please complete an STC Request Form (found here) for issuance of STC paperwork.

Application Guide (STC/PMA)

 Model  Pitch # of Teeth Voltage Rotation
 BC315-100-1  10/12  122  12  Standard
 BC315-100-2  12/14  149  12  Standard
 BC315-100-3  10/12  122  24  Standard
 BC315-100-4  12/14  149  24  Standard
 BC315-100-6  12/14  149  12  Counter
 BC315-100-8  12/14  149  24  Counter



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