BC400 Alternator System for Piper Aircraft (STC-PMA)

Part #: BC400-SYSTEM
Price: $975.00$1,690.00

Now you can replace your heavy, worn out generator or unreliable alternator with a dependable lightweight Alternator system — with NO expensive requirement to relocate your oil cooler!  Approved for Lycoming-powered JC5 thru PA22 aircraft in both the “Standard” and “Restricted” categories, the BC400-2 Alternator weighs 6.1 lbs., and features the same “no-compromises” design and construction that has been our hallmark since 1980 — a precision-balanced rotor; sealed heavy-duty ball-bearings; three solid attachment points; two built-in cooling fans; and provision for aircraft-style, external regulation.  The BC201-1 Controller (Regulator) features solid-state construction, with “quiet” linear voltage regulation; integral over-voltage protection; low-voltage sensing and warning; and field-adjustable charging voltage.

The BC400 installation kits include a Boss-mount or Case-mount alternator bracket, attachment hardware, belt tension arm, high-performance belt, field connector assembly, and panel-mount warning light. An optional “electrical package” adds necessary wire and ring terminals, circuit breakers, and a Mil-Spec “OFF-ON” toggle switch (useful for early aircraft requiring an “upgrade” of existing electrical components).  Note: this approved installation is applicable to aircraft with previouslyexisting electrical systems only.

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