BC425 Standby Alternator System, Cessna 210 (STC-PMA)

Part #: Cessna 210 Standby System
Price: $3,595.00

The B&C Standby Alternator system for the Cessna 210 builds on the proven legacy of our Standby Alternator system for the Bonanza, making possible an STC/PMA replacement of the OEM standby generator on Cessna 210L, 210M, 210N, P210N, T210L, T210M, and T210N aircraft.

The BC425 Standby Alternator system provides 20 amps of power to support continued flight in the event of primary alternator failure.  It operates automatically, annunciating its operation to the pilot through a panel mounted annunciator which doubles as a standby alternator load monitor.  If the primary alternator fails in flight, the standby regulator will sense the drop in system voltage and automatically activate the standby alternator. If the current requirement is over 20 amps when the standby alternator is activated, the annunciator will flash. Reducing the current usage to 20 amps or less will cause the annunciator to cease flashing and light steadily. The pilot may choose which equipment he needs for the given flight conditions by simply keeping the total load below the flashing point of the annunciator. This will reserve battery energy for transient loads, (gear, flaps, landing lights, etc) during approach. Loads may be beyond the flashing point of the annunciator for up to 5 minutes without damaging the standby alternator.

The standby alternator is mounted on the right hand accessory drive pad on the Continental engine to allow throttle linkage clearance. This means the vacuum pump usually mounted in this location must be moved to the left hand accessory drive pad. The regulator is mounted behind the interior panel to the left of the pilot’s left leg.

The installation kit includes a STBY ALT ON annunciator, a STBY ALT toggle type field switch/circuit breaker, two standard pull type circuit breakers (1 amp and 40 amp), alternator gasket, alternator field connector, current sensor, wire, terminals, clamps, placards for each panel-mounted device, miscellaneous hardware, installation instructions and flight manual supplement.

Please contact us about an STC’d version of our stand-by alternator for Cessna 182 and 206 aircraft with Lycoming powerplants.


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